Report all Charge Backs and recover otherwise lost money!

Never provide a service until you see if your customer is a
Charge Back Risk!

  1. You have a customer that initiates a charge back on their credit card.
  2. You become a member on this site. Click here to initiate that process.
  3. You enter your customer's information in our data base.
  4. Your customers name and the circumstances surrounding the charge back are now searchable and available for people and other merchants to see.
  5. A Website is created that lists your customers name address and other information you choose to provide and it is posted on the Internet for all to see. (Example:
  6. Google and other search engines index the individuals Website. Now, when someone does a Google search for a particular individual that has been listed in our data base a Website is listed along with your claim about the said charge back.
  7. An email is automatically sent to the person that initiated the charge back. The email will inform them that they have been reported to "" and that they are now listed in our database. Additionally they will get the link to their very own Website on the Internet like the this one:
  8. The person that initiated the charge back is given the reporting institutions contact information so that they contact them directly to resolve the charge back and have their listing removed.