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A "charge back" is when a credit card holder disputes a credit card charge.  This "charge back" results in the credit card company debiting your (the merchant's) account the dollar amount of the charge back (sometimes thousands of dollars).  Until recently merchants have had little or no recourse to charge backs. will not only help you recover money owed from charge backs going back years, but we also let you search our data base.  Our database lists charge backs and amounts that other merchants have reported.  If a person shows up in our data base you will know that they have been reported as a Charge Back Risk and be able take the appropriate precautions before deciding to do business with them.

Post ALL your charge backs here and you can see money that you thought was lost, collected.  Your charge back customers' names will be posted in our data base for other merchants to see and search.


Benefits of

                                      Old charge backs will contact you wanting to pay.

                                        Negociate any settlement amount you want.

                                        Check our database for charge back risks posted by other merchants.

                                         Remove charge backs posts from the internet in real time. (helps in collections)

The post (example above) will also list your companies information including who to contact at your company to negotiate a repayment of the charge back or where to send payment so the person reported can have their listing removed from both the world wide web and our data base.  An email is sent to the person that initiated the charge back informing them of their listing and how to contact you to be removed.

With the majority of employers, apartment and home rental companies, school admissions boards etc doing back ground checks on the Internet you can see the value of NOT having your name show up on a Website like the one listed above.  Not to mention friends, parents, relatives, old boyfriends and girlfriends and others doing people searches.  

This service is free.

Anyone who has reported a charge back can search our database for others that have been reported to and further protect themselves from future chargebacks.




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